The PowerScore GMAT Sentence Correction Bible

The PowerScore GMAT Sentence Correction Bible


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The PowerScore GMAT Sentence Correction Bible is the most comprehensive book available for the Sentence Correction section of the GMAT. The grammar lessons contained in the Sentence Correction Bible are representative of the techniques covered in PowerScore's live courses and have consistently been proven effective for thousands of our students.

The book features and explains a detailed methodology for attacking all aspects of Sentence Correction questions, including recognizing errors in parts of speech, the proper way to correct single and multiple errors, strategies for determining possible errors, and techniques for quickly eliminating answer choices as you solve the questions. Entire chapters are devoted to potential errors in common parts of speech.

The following grammar concepts and errors are covered in detail:

Basic Grammar
Sentence Construction

Sentence Correction Strategies

In addition, the Sentence Correction Bible features over 140 GMAT Sentence Correction questions in drills and problem sets in order to effectively practice our techniques. This includes examples for each of the error types referenced above. The Sentence Correction questions on the GMAT represent approximately one-third of your verbal score and often intimidate test takers whose formal grammar training lapsed in elementary or middle school. However, once you understand how to efficiently approach each error type and deconstruct the sentence presented, the solution to each question can be quickly discovered. Through step-by-step analysis of every error that you will encounter, detailed explanations for every answer choice, and extensive drills to enforce every major concept, this book with teach you how to correctly solve even the most complicated Sentence Correction problems.

The Sentence Correction Bible is also supplemented by a unique website that provides additional materials to complement the book and answer frequently asked student questions.

About the Author
The author has over 10 years experience teaching English and test preparation. As an expert in test preparation and the English language, she has overseen the instruction of thousands of students and is currently a course developer for PowerScore.

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