Total GMAT Verbal

Total GMAT Verbal


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Total GMAT Verbal breaks down the Verbal section into a series of passage structures, question types, and patterns that help you understand what to expect on test day, and how to handle it.

There are over forty chapters in the book, covering everything from Critical Reasoning answer choices to Reading Comprehension science passages to Sentence Correction idioms.

Total GMAT Verbal does more than just instruct, it provides ample practice. There are over 200 realistic, GMAT practice problems covering every Verbal question type you will see on the exam.

With Total GMAT Verbal, you can focus all of your Verbal study efforts in one place and learn everything from common Critical Reasoning argument structures to the reasons why some grammar rules are more important than others.

No other GMAT Verbal book on the market has the potential to raise your score the way this one does.

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